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Winter Workouts

OK, it’s time to come clean on my workouts.  My test this year is to see if I can train for ultras and triathlons (Olympic to 70.3) at the same time, and still do a stage race at the Transrockies Run in Aug.  If only I didn’t have to work for a living.

I’m currently training for the Napa Marathon where I think I can PR, but we’ll have to see how the next few weeks go on the long runs.  I’m not terribly concerned about my time at Napa.  I’m running Napa really as a training run for my first of several 50Ks this year in April, which in turn are all training runs for the Transrockies Run in Aug.  I also started triathlon training in December as I’m planning on doing the Napa Vintage half ironman in May.

Finally, I’m trying to start the year with three PRs.  Right now, I’m fairly confident I can PR at the Mission 10-ml., the National Postal One Hour Swim, and the San Francisco Half Marathon.  I’m doing these three events within an 8-day period, and it would be a fine start to my year.

Last year, I ran through the winter with a 40 – 45 mile base.  I decided to keep at least a 50-ml. base this winter for my running.  It takes me into tri season in great shape and I’m already finding it’s making a difference in my speed work.   My conditioning right now is the best it’s ever been so I can really focus on speed.  I try to do a progression of three weeks hard (50 – 58 mls.) and one week at 35 miles to help recover.

I’m doing back-to-back long runs every weekend, and both runs are hard.  Sunday runs are usually with lots of hills but not quite as long as the Saturday run.  I’m running 30+ miles on weekends, but that will go to 40+ after Napa in March. 

My speed work is Wednesday mornings.  I’m doing long intervals to prepare for the 10-miler and the half marathon.  One and two-mile intervals in a sequence of 1-2-1-1-2 with 75-sec. recoveries.  One-ml. segments are around 7-min. pace.  2-ml. segments are sub-7 pace.  This is the hardest workout I know, even harder than bricks.  Every other week I do a 6 – 7 ml. tempo instead of long intervals.

I’m swimming twice a week in the pool, almost always with my swim coach.  I like doing a 2100-meter progressive swim (50-100-150-200-250-300-300-250-200-150-100-50) with 15-sec. rest.  Total of 3000 meters right now.  I’ll bump it up to three days a week later this month and go 3500 – 4000 yards once a week.  I can tell I’m still improving in the pool as I’ve taken a couple strokes off the pool length in the last six weeks.

I’m also on the bike twice a week.  I started spinning at the local bike shop on Tue. evenings.  Seems like a decent workout although I can’t go full tilt since I run hard the next morning.  I’m doing a long ride once a week.  Right now it’s 35 miles (not very long) but that will ramp to 80 mls. over the next 3 months.  I need to get to three days a week on the bike.  By March, four days would be better.  And I’ll start doing bricks in Feb.

Just wish I had time to add yoga or other core training.


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