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Rest Days

restToday is a rest day, one of the hardest days of the week.  I have learned to take my rest days as seriously as the long run or the long intervals or the brick.  That means not heading to the pool for an easy swim or going to the gym to flex my muscles, or spinning in my office even for 30 minutes.  It means doing nothing (well, I worked a 13-hr. day, but no workouts).  I hate days like today.  I feel like a slug.  But I need the rest.  I’ll be glad I rested today when I’m doing a double tomorrow (swim/bike) and running a hard tempo the next day.

I ran 32 miles this past weekend.  Most of it was on trails and hills.  Most days I feel like I need three hours of workouts.  Anything less than 2.5 hours doesn’t feel like a workout.  Two days a week I’ll do a double workout (morning and afternoon).  So on rest days, I rest, eat well, sleep eight hours.  If I’m not going to work out, I had better really rest.  The rest of the week will be plenty hard.  Today, a good friend suggested I see a nutritionist due to my rigorous training regimen.  Good idea.

runner-resting(Thought this guy sort of looks like me…maybe not so much.)  I reflect on my home and family responsibilities.  I spend lots of time in training and racing just about every other weekend throughout the year.  The only reason I can train the way I do is because I work from home 70 – 80% of the time.  This week, it looks like I don’t need to go in to the office at all.  Lucky me!  So I can usually take the kids to school, these days play football or basketball with my son in the afternoon, and hang with them in the evenings.  The past 3 years I have coached my son’s basketball and flag football teams.  I’m trying not to get drafted this year but don’t think I’ll be so fortunate.  Winter football league starts this weekend.

I always think I’ll catch up on miscellaneous chores, phone calls, defrag the hard drive, house cleaning, on my rest days.  I could even power wash the roof and clean the gutters!  By the end of the day I have given up on such lofty ideas, and my IP phone the company gave me still sits in my office a year later because I can’t figure out how to set it up.  Somehow the stupid IP phone isn’t anywhere near the top of the list of things I need to get done.

old-shoes1I took my son to another bike shop today to find a new bike for his birthday.  He turns 8 tomorrow.  We’ve been to four shops in the last week looking for the right bike.  Wish I wasn’t so picky…wonder where I developed that penchant for good equipment.   I wonder if we’ll train and race together some day.  Better get some sleep.

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  1. Hi, watch for more folks hooking in to your blog since the transrockies folks sent out their email. I did tr last year and am signed up for 09. I work in Sunnyvale and live in Boulder Creek – good to see another bay area runner!

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