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2009 Year In Review

2009 was a nearly perfect year for me, and I am very grateful for it.  I had set some lofty goals:

1.  PR at all distances, all events (swim, bike, run, tri)
2.  Complete the Transrockies Run
3.  Qualify for the Boston Marathon
4.  Register for a 2010 ironman
5.  Become a RRCA certiifed running coach
Due to the poor economy, I had decided to enter fewer races than 2008, but then 24 events would be difficult to repeat anyway.  I replaced quantity (experience) for quality (performance), entering a more reasonable 15 races and setting 9 PRs in the process.  The thought of saving money this year was a nice idea but after spending more than $3000 for the Transrockies Run, I knew frugality was no more than a good intention, and my wife wasn’t buying it.  I took comfort in knowing I had PR’d at the 10-mile, half marathon, marathon, 5K, 50K, one-hour swim, half ironman, one mile swim, and my local sprint triathlon.  The only remaining distance I really would have liked to PR in is the 10K, but due to my race schedule, I never really trained for a 10K PR and never even raced it once all year.  The only goal I missed was my BQ and I didn’t take it very well.  I was so well trained for it and suffered from the effects of statin drugs I take to keep my cholesterol in check.
 The Transrockies Run was easily the biggest highlight.  I’m sure I’ll continue to look back at that experience over the years with fond memories.  I think it also changed my perspective on running and racing.  I know I’ll always be extremely competitive, but you can’t spend nine days in the Rocky Mountains for the sole purpose of running a foot race and not be shaped by the experience.  My world of training, running, and racing got bigger this year.  It only left me wanting more.  The Trans-Alpine Run is now firmly planted in my head and I’m not sure how I’ll ever pull it off.
I’m really glad I decided to use the Transrockies Run as a fund-raising event.  Just weeks before the event, I decided to see how much money I could raise for the National MS Society in honor of my youngest sister who suffers from the disease.  I was amazed to raise nearly $10,000.  I don’t know if that’s a lot or a little, but it gave my sister an incredible emotional lift, made my effort and the event so much more satisfying, and inspired me to do more.
Looking ahead, my world is about to change in a big way.  I’m taking a new job at my company that will result in tons of travel all over the world, especially Asia.  It will have a huge impact on my training schedule.  I’m prepared to employ some creative training methods, including leaving a tri bike and trainer in Bangalore, India so I can train when I am there.  But I’m worried all the extra work and intense travel schedule will keep me from performing at a high level.  I’m registered for Ironman Couer d’Alene in June and intend to do it.  I’m also concerned about the time away from my family, but we have decided to bite the bullet for a year or two.  There’s no way I’m going to travel like a madman once my daughter starts high school in 2011.
I capped off the year by completing my final goal, becoming a RRCA certified running coach.  I’m not sure where it will take me.  I have images of coaching legions of runners in India, but for now, I’m just happy to have the extra foundation of knowlegde.  I’m prepared to embrace whatever 2010 brings me.  Somehow, setting nine PRs again seems a bit unlikely, but it promises to be another exciting year.

4 Responses

  1. Hey Lynn–you had a GREAT year!! I know it was a bummer not to qualify for Boston, but you will soon.

    If you read my Facebook posts, you will know that I am recovering from varicose vein surgery. I put it off for YEARS–I’m glad I finally did it. They were gradually getting worse. Now I can work out with my mind at ease that they are taken care of.

    2009 has been a good year for me, too!! Before this year, my fastest 5K was 34:28, and that was the only race I ran under 35 minutes. Now my PR is 30:32! I ran that at the SVRC Turkey Trot last weekend. I feel like that’s a “real” PR because the Coyote Creek Trail is a little more difficult than some because of the course being more uphill on the second half of the race.

    I told Dave, the Wolfpak coach, that I want to be able to run an 8-minute mile (my PR is 9:16), to run a 5K in under 28 minutes (if only once), and to be able to train for and run some 10Ks. I’m still dealing with some IT band issues (now my left leg more than my right), but they will clear up as I continue to crosstrain and build strength. I have no desire to run anything longer than a 10K. I feel that because I am not that athletic, it would take too much training, time, energy, and effort for me to train for longer distances. For me, it always get back to my main goal: staying fit! I want to be the strong and healthy 80-year-old grandma (and great-grandma) that can be there for her family. But I DO love racing–I love the challenge, the fun, and the camaraderie with all of the other runners.

    Well, i better go rest my leg for awhile. I’m glad you had such a great year!! Racing is fun.

    Have a BLESSED day!!

    Jody :>}

  2. Very inspirational, Lynn! Best of luck with all that you may endeavor!


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