sj-mercury-5k5I have been a runner since I first hit the track as a freshman in high school.  I ran a few races in my 20s, but mainly I was the 3-ml. a day guy for almost 25 years.   One day after I turned 40, I decided to run six miles.  Then I realized I really missed competing.  I joined the local running club and started entering local races.  10 Ks at first, then some 8 Ks, 12Ks, 10 miles, half marathons.  Then I ran my first marathon and quickly moved to ultramarathons.  An easy 10-miler today is a distance I never even thought of doing a few years ago.

It wasn’t long before I decided to buy a competition road bike, and I was hooked on triathlon.  I found a swim coach at the local pool, and just like that I was not just a runner anymore.  

My name is Lynn Astalos.  I’m married with two kids.  We live in Morgan Hill, California.  There’s an Olypmic size pool just a half-mile from my front door, the bike shop two blocks from my home has free spinning classes, and I’m surrounded by some of the most pristine trail running anywhere.  I have no excuse for not training.

I’m always looking for the next adventure.  My list of events and races keeps growing.  If you have an event on your must-do list, please let me know about it.

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  1. Hi there, I work with the TransRockies and I prepare our monthly newsletters. Given that we have so many people blogging about their training and experiences, I am planning to feature one blogger per month in the newsletter.

    Yours is one of the best blogs I have seen. Lots of content, very personal, good looking.

    So can I have your permission to feature your blog . . . oh, and also your name, age and hometown which I can’t seem to find on your blog!


  2. Hey Lynn,

    Long time no chat. I just stumbled across your blog which is kind of funny since I was doing the Tierra Bella this past weekend, went through Harvey Bear and remembered that’s one of your starting points.

    See you in CdA. :)


    • Hey Vince! Great to hear from you! I did the century at Tierra Bella. Enjoyed your blog on the grueling 200K. You’re a better man than me. Looking forward to CdA. Keep up the great training!

  3. hi… lynn..congratulation for compled ironman.i know about u.. from my friend samim and dipankar . i am also a triathlete . i will met u when u come to bangalur. thank you.

  4. Hello,

    I was reading your article about Athletic Heart Syndrome and was wondering if you could give some advice. I have been running now for 12 years. Im 25 years old now and was recently diagnosed with AHS. I usually run about 15km a day and then cycle aswell. I have been told I have been over exercising for way to long. I never gave myself rest days, and have been doing this for about 10 years. I run through anything, even when Im sick. However now for the past year I have been battling to run. No energy and its gotten so bad I have to stop every 400m!!! Could you give me some advice. I dont know if I should stop running for a month and then try or what. Please help me!!

    • Hi Nandi,
      Thanks for your note. I’m not a doctor but I am a certified running coach. 15 km a day and some cycling doesn’t sound like a huge amount of training…depends on a number of things, like intensity of effort, heart rate, type of training, sleep, nutrition, etc. But there’s no training benefit in doing it 7 days a week. What’s the point? All athletes need rest days. You’re not giving your body a chance to recover. Proper recovery allows you to come back stronger and perform better. Sounds like you’re also doing the same thing every day. That’s a recipe for injury and it sounds awfully boring. Why not cross train more and change your daily routine? Stopping for a month isn’t necessarily the answer if you’re just going to go back to your daily routine. If you’re having to stop every 400m, something is wrong. Listen to your body. Don’t keep doing the same thing expecting different results.

  5. Thank you for your reply and the advice. I am glad to FINALLY hear from someone that says I’m not over training.lol. Even the cardiologist that I say I was over training. But I will take your advice and run different distances and cycle more. Would weight training benefit me? Thank you again.

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