Have you set some goals for 2012?  Whether you think you can succeed or not, you’re right.  It all starts with you.  And coaching is all about you, not the coach.  Just about anyone who runs can benefit from some coaching, but most people don’t do it.  You might think you can’t afford it, you don’t have the time or discipline to work with a coach, or maybe you need help setting the right goal.  Whether you’re trying to run your first 5K or qualify for Boston, I can help.

I am a running coach certified by Road Running Club of America (RRCA), the oldest and largest organization in the U.S. dedicated to distance running.  This training provides me a background in exercise physiology and energy systems, sports nutrition, sports psychology, and injury prevention and treatment.  Training techniques of the RRCA include training cycles, training progressions, race planning and recovery, effort based and heart rate training, and developing training and racing plans.  I’m also certified by the Red Cross in CPR and first aid.

Having a coaching certificate does not make one a good coach.  I rely mostly on 35 years of running experience.  As a lifetime runner, I have trained and raced at every distance from 5K to 50 miles.  I’m an experienced trail runner and know many of the trails in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I understand the challenges of training while balancing work and family life, training while traveling, and training when it seems like you work around the clock.

Coaching fees are $99 a month (U.S. only) with negotiable long term engagements. I’m open to online coaching anywhere in the world, particularly Tokyo, Japan where I grew up.  Send an email to to set up an exploratory discussion.


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  1. Really cool pic of the Leadville sign. May we have permission to use it in our newsletter? The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp isa nonprofit started by Paul Newman to provide services to seriously ill children.

    • Hi Willow, feel free to use any photos from my blog. You have a fantastic organization! Keep up the great work!

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